Tour 2014 Tenby

The 2014 tour card
Arrival for breakfast at The Hinton Arms, Cheriton (09:00). First off the bus were Alan Catterson, President Chris Rolph, Graham Allen and Captain Ned Waddock
and then came Cecil Wadey, Ron Hyam, Kevin Mitchell and Bill Bryder
followed by Norman Burchfell, Paul Chivers, Barry Horsley, Michael Johnson and Tom Gaskin
and next were John Edwards, Joe Gilpin, Len Corne, Nigel Short and Alan Stewart
and next Roger Parsons, Rick Gosnell (in fancy dress), Geoff Kendall, Bert Stapley and Stan Watt
and then came Derek Ford, Hammy Pannu, Derek Brockhurst, Ray Roberts and Steve Hawkes.
and finally Jon Clear, Gareth Beven, Ron Bell, Roger Ayling and Ron Wootten
Let the party begin - Paul, Geoff, Chris and John get into the swing with an early drink
Its a fun start and It's only just gone 9 o'clock but Norman and Ned seem to be enjoying things
Karen welcomes us for our early morning breakfast stop
Doing what he does best - Roger enjoying his breakfast
Found a friend - Roger says can we come back again next year please?
We cross the bridge into Wales
Lunch at The Hollybush Inn on the outskirts off Cardiff
Arrival at Tenby - The Clarence House Hotel
Tenby beach - a glorious view of the beach at Tenby, just over the road from The Clarence House
Almost underway - the first match of our 2014 tour is almost underway
Come on you two help me out ............. i'm sure I bowled it in that direction
It's Mr. Smooth (Norman Burchfell) with a lovely smooth delivery
Tea time at Whitland BC
It's Sunday, it's Whitland BC - Our first game of the week
What you doing Stewy? - Alan enlists some help from a Whitland lady
The 'bookies' hard at it working out the winnings at the end of the game
Captain Ned passes our bannerette to the Whitland Captain and thanks him for a smashing afternoon
The lads quiet for once learning all about Milford Haven
Monday morning - it's a trip to the Milford Haven Maritime and Heritage Museum
Arrival at Milford Haven BC - The Milford Haven flag flies high upon our arrival
And another birthday for Ron Hyam - happy birthday fella
Members of both clubs eagerly await the start of the game
Oh dear it's looks like rink four are struggling
President Chris (gammy leg on show) delivers a wood at Milford Haven
All smiles in the clubhouse
Just what did you do to this young lady Ned?
Boring - the home team Captain maybe thinks Ned's speech has gone on a little too long
Michael and Stan appear to agree with the home Captain
The staff get 'Ollie' ready
Tuesday - Picton Castle - the grounds of Picton Castle an excellent venue for our 'Birds of Prey' flying exhibition
Ray Roberts joins in
Goodbye - it's goodbye from her (and him)
Careful - I wouldn't want to mess with this one
Some heavy clouds prior to the game, the rain stayed away thankfully
and on to Pembroke Dock - we arrive for another game .... do you think they forgot we were coming?
Welcome to Pembroke Dock Bowling Club - the Captains prior to the start of the match
Bill and Cecil sit enthralled listening to one of the 'homers'
Views around Tenby (1)
Views around Tenby (2)
Views around Tenby (3)
Views around Tenby (4)
Views around Tenby (5)
Views around Tenby (6)
Bill prepares for the afternoon game at Tenby BC. 'Go on then just another large G & T'
Fun and games - happy times at the photo call
Wednesday and on to the local club - not far to walk for this game, just 50 yards behind the hotel
Oh my god! - Dad, I know you said this tourist club were a friendly lot but I didn't expect that says Paul
Believe me - Paul believe me 'this does not usually happen' says Ken
Lovey dovey - from the start of the game the Tenby Captain seems to like Ned
and it carried on - still 'close' after the game
Rogers shocked - no, no that can't have just happened
Breakfast time back at The Hinton Arms, Cheriton
We arrive at Llanelli on Thursday for our game against the Vice Patrons of Carmarthenshire
Nearly ready for play at Llanelli, another fine day in West Wales
Captain Ned presents the Carmarthenshire Vice President (if I remember correctly) with the clubs tour bannerette.
The Carmarthenshire Vice President welcomes the tourists. Derek seems amused!
Friday comes and we arrive at Saundersfoot Bowling Club for our last game of the week
A view of the impressive clubhouse at Saundersfoot BC
Only the skips to bowl and it looks as if our 'Player of the Tour' Nigel Short is holding two more shots
Bill, Roger and Ron appear to be waiting for their skip to bowl
The Captains are all smiles at the end of another enjoyable game
Cheers Saunderfoot thanks for a nice afternoon
The sign of another successful West Sussex Tour
The last supper - it's the end of tour presentations
Thanks Penny, Roger presents Penny (Hotel owner) with her gifts for being a fantastic host BUT ..............
Give us a snog - Chris gets the kiss!
President Chris with the clubs gifts for Penny
The Clarence Hotel waitresses who looked after us so well
Kevin our coach driver .... thanks for another safe week Kevin
Alan Catterson receives his Honorary Life Vice President award from President Chris
Our top rink of the week: Ned Waddock, Barry Horsley, Derek Ford and Roger Ayling
For the second time Roger Ayling collects the Runner Up prize for 'Player of the week'
Club Champion - Player of the week Nigel Short collects his trophy from President Chris



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