Welcome to the Website of The West Sussex Bowls Touring Club. Famous not only for their ability at this great game of Bowls but also for the camaraderie and fun that they play the game with. A club with no home of their own but known on bowling greens throughout West Sussex and the South of England. Very much a club that when you join you feel that it’s the start of an adventure. An adventure for most that lasts many years.
In May 2018 the club will make a return visit to Weymouth staying at The Leam Hotel on their 64th annual tour since it’s founding back in 1955. Our fixtures whilst away on this tour can be found on this website. Please investigate.
Our members are drawn from clubs (both outdoor and indoor) from throughout West Sussex and once ‘with us’ they find themselves on a journey that last many years. Have a glance at our ‘membership’ section and see just how many years that some of us have put into this wonderful club.
Our membership is almost always ‘full up’ and the club permanently have a waiting list to join (let alone get to go on a tour). We are proud that gentlemen bowlers throughout West Sussex want to join us and even prouder that they want to stay for so long.
If you just ‘happened to find us’ whilst surfing the web please feel free to have a look round. Save us to your ‘Favourites’ and come back and see us again soon.

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