Gareth Beven – November 2023

Thanks to Richard Dray for putting together this ‘life story’. Our subject this time is: Gareth ‘ Sheepy’ Beven.

Valued Tourist since: 2005

Tours travelled: 14

Joint player of the tour on one occasion – 2018

Committee member since: 2019

Wendy and Bernie Beven brought Sheepy into this world on the 29th April 1984, he was born in  Southlands hospital in Shoreham and has always lived in Sunny Worthing. He has one brother Gavin (arguably the better bowler) and currently lives with his partner Lizi and  her little boy Oliver. Sheepy is a devoted father to his little girl “Flo” who visits him regularly.

Lizi and Sheepy met via Facebook dating and had their first meeting in the ‘Elephant in the Room’, Goring. He managed 5 pints before they met as needed some Dutch courage! 

Before all this Sheepy attended many local schools and colleges before working in various roles including working as a Porter at the Berkeley Hotel. On one evening he was working, and the food was being delivered to guests cold. The guests left the event early (not happy at all) leaving all the wine on the tables. Sheepy saw this as a great opportunity to help himself and get drunk in the staff room with fellow workers, his drinking habits haven’t really changed!

Surprisingly, after telling the chef on the same evening to F off he was offered a job in the kitchen as a chef – that didn’t last long either.

In between his various jobs he was introduced to bowls in 1996 by his Nan and Grandad who  vigorously encouraged his involvement which has led to a National Title with the Sussex under 25 double rink team, a fine achievement.

After several other agency jobs as a Landscape Gardener, Eurotherm and mushroom picking (asked  to leave after having a mushroom throwing fight) he settled on a job at Penton UK where he has worked since 2006.

One of his proudest moments (except for the birth of his daughter) was running the Brighton  Marathon in 2016 in a time of just over 5 hours. Well done indeed.

Other hobbies included owning racing greyhounds (Clunky is the proud owner of his last retired dog), enjoying a curry – so much so that he has had a very hot sauce named after him at The Naaz in  Lancing. They call it ‘Sheep Dip’ which must rank high in his lifes achievemnts. He used to cite watching Chelsea FC as his proudest moment, he soon realized the error of his ways and put a stop to that. He can be found most weekends watching Worthing FC with the Mrs and kids.