Friendly4 November 2017AwayAdur IBC14:00Lost55132Top rink in this game was Geoff Cook, Doug Johnson, Ned Waddock and Ray Roberts who won 14-11
Friendly25 November 2017AwayWorthing Pavilion IBC14:00Lost95132Despite winning on three of the six rinks the club still suffered a heavy defeat. Top rink was Ray Leggett, David Bain, Ian Younger and Jon Clear who won 23-13.
Friendly24 January 2018AwayBognor (London Transport) BA14:15Lost86141Top rink in this match was Steve Hawkes, Mike Booth, Norman Burchfell and Paul Leatherbarrow who won 23-17
Friendly11 February 2018AwayWorthing IBC14:00Won10684Top rink was Steve Hawkes, Derek Brockhurst, Ian Younger and Richard Dray who won 24-11
Friendly11 April 2018AwayArun IBC14:15Lost102144Top rink was David Parker, Barrie Fitch, Nick Hatfield and Chris Rolph who won 28-17
Tour match12 May 2018AwayDorchester BC14:00Won14688Top rink jointly were Graham Allen, Geoff Kendall, Derek Brockhurst and Roger Ayling 31-11 and Norman Burchfell, Mike Booth, Gareth Beven and Richard Dray 26-6
Tour match13 May 2018AwaySherborne BC14:00Won175101Top rink was John Bussell, Geoff Kendall, Steve Hawkes and Chris Rolph 30-8
Tour match14 May 2018AwayAxminster BC13:30Lost8597Top rink was Kevin Mitchell, Derek Brockhurst, Steve Hawkes and Chris Rolph 20-19
Tour match15 May 2018AwayCrewkerne BC14:00Won118112Top rink was David Parker, Roger Ayling, Alan Messer and Chris Rolph 23-17
Tour match16 May 2018AwayBridport BC14:00Won161120Top rink was Geoff Kendall, Ned Waddock, Alan Messer and Gareth Beven
Tour match17 May 2018AwayGillingham BC13:30Won140115Top rink was Norman Burchfell, Paul Blakemore, Roger Parsons and Chris Rolph 36-14
Tour match18 May 2018AwayWeymouth & Melcombe Regis BC13:00Won12195Top rink was Paul Chivers, Graham Allen, Alan Messer and Richard Dray 30-7
Tournament28 May 2018AwayWiggy Plate (at Worthing Pavilion BC)9:00 and 10:00We have 2 x rinks in this event. Manager Norman Burchfell has selected Stan Enticknap, Paul Blakemore, Geoff Kendall and Nick Hatfield, Roger Ayling has selected himself, Steve Hawkes, Ray Roberts and Ray Lister.
Friendly29 May 2018AwayGrasshoppers BC18:00Won13867Top triple in this game was Paul Chivers, Paul Leatherbarrow and Chris Rolph who won 31-4.
Tournament10 June 2018AwaySouthbourne Tournament10:00Manager Richard Dray has selected the following rink to play in this event: Ray Roberts, John Bussell, Doug Johnson and Alan Messer.
Friendly1 July 2018AwayTarring Priory BC14:00A 5 x triple game.
Friendly4 July 2018AwayEast Preston BC14:00A 6 x triple game.
Tournament8 July 2018AwayStorrington BCtbaThe club have 2 x trips in this event. Geoff Kendall has selected himself, Franco Sacco and Paul Leatherbarrow. Bill Bryder has chosen Kevin Mitchell, Mike Booth and Stan Enticknap.
Tournament21 July 2018AwayEast Preston Tournament09:00 & 10:00The club have 2 x triples in this event. Derek Brockhurst and Ned Waddock are the managers. Derek has selected himself, Steve Hawkes and Roger Parsons. Ned's team will be posted here shortly.
Tournament22 July 2018AwayChichester Tournament10:30We have 2 x rinks in this event. Roger Ayling has selected himself, Jon Clear, Steve Hawkes and Gareth Beven whilst Jon Clear has selected Franco Sacco, David Bain, Paul Blakemore and Ray Roberts.
Friendly24 July 2018AwayStorrington BC14:00A 5 triple game
Tournament29 July 2018AwayArundel TournamenttbaManager Graham Allen will select his triple for this event shortly.
Friendly5 August 2018AwayPetworth BC14:00A 5 x triple game
Tournament9 August 2018AwayWitterings Tournament14:00Manager Chris Rolph will select his rink for this event shortly.
Friendly14 August 2018AwayWorthing Pavilion BC14:00A 6 triple game
Friendly23 August 2018AwayHorsham BC14:00A 4 rink game
Friendly15 September 2018AwayWorthing BC14:00A 5 x triple game.
Friendly17 September 2018AwayGrasshopper BC14:00A 6 x triple game to be played at Worthing Pavilion BC.
Friendly7 October 2018AwayWorthing IBC14:00A 5 x triple game
Friendly3 November 2018AwayAdur IBC14:00A 4 x Rink game
Friendly24 November 2018AwayWorthing Pavilion IBC14:00A 6 x triple game
Friendly23 January 2019AwayLondon Transport (Bognor Regis) BA14:15A 6 x Rink game to be played at Arun IBC
Friendly10 February 2019AwayWorthing IBC14:00A 5 x Rink game
Friendly10 April 2019AwayArun IBC14:15A 6 x Rink game
Friendly22 August 2019AwayHorsham BC14:00a 4 x Rink game


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