Friendly4 November 2017AwayAdur IBC14:00Lost55132Top rink in this game was Geoff Cook, Doug Johnson, Ned Waddock and Ray Roberts who won 14-11
Friendly25 November 2017AwayWorthing Pavilion IBC14:00Lost95132Despite winning on three of the six rinks the club still suffered a heavy defeat. Top rink was Ray Leggett, David Bain, Ian Younger and Jon Clear who won 23-13.
Friendly24 January 2018AwayBognor (London Transport) BA14:15Lost86141Top rink in this match was Steve Hawkes, Mike Booth, Norman Burchfell and Paul Leatherbarrow who won 23-17
Friendly11 February 2018AwayWorthing IBC14:00Won10684Top rink was Steve Hawkes, Derek Brockhurst, Ian Younger and Richard Dray who won 24-11
Friendly11 April 2018AwayArun IBC14:15A 6 rink game
Tour match12 May 2018AwayDorchester BC14:00A 6 rink game
Tour match13 May 2018AwaySherborne BC14:00A 7 rink game
Tour match14 May 2018AwayAxminster BC13:30A 5 rink game
Tour match15 May 2018AwayCrewkerne BC14:00A 6 rink game
Tour match16 May 2018AwayBridport BC14:00A 7 rink game
Tour match17 May 2018AwayGillingham BC13:30A 7 rink game
Tour match18 May 2018AwayWeymouth & Melcombe Regis BC13:00A 6 rink game
Friendly29 May 2018AwayGrasshoppers BC18:00A 5 x triple game to be played at Worthing Pavilion BC
Friendly1 July 2018AwayTarring Priory BC14:00A 5 x triple game.
Friendly4 July 2018AwayEast Preston BC14:00A 6 x triple game.
Tournament21 July 2018AwayEast Preston Tournament09:00 & 10:002 x triples
Tournament22 July 2018AwayChichester Tournament10:302 x Rinks
Friendly24 July 2018AwayStorrington BC14:00A 5 triple game
Tournament29 July 2018AwayArundel Tournamenttba1 x Triple
Friendly5 August 2018AwayPetworth BC14:00A 5 x triple game
Tournament9 August 2018AwayWitterings Tournament14:001 x Rink
Friendly14 August 2018AwayWorthing Pavilion BC14:00A 6 triple game
Friendly23 August 2018AwayHorsham BC14:00A 4 rink game
Friendly15 September 2018AwayWorthing BC14:00A 5 x triple game.
Friendly17 September 2018AwayGrasshopper BC14:00A 5 x triple game to be played at Worthing Pavilion BC.
Friendly7 October 2018AwayWorthing IBC14:00A 5 x triple game
Friendly3 November 2018AwayAdur IBC14:00A 4 x Rink game
Friendly24 November 2018AwayWorthing Pavilion IBC14:00A 6 x triple game
Friendly23 January 2019AwayLondon Transport (Bognor Regis) BA14:15A 6 x Rink game to be played at Arun IBC
Friendly10 February 2019AwayWorthing IBC14:00A 5 x Rink game
Friendly10 April 2019AwayArun IBC14:15A 6 x Rink game
Friendly22 August 2019AwayHorsham BC14:00a 4 x Rink game


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