Featured Profiles

Welcome to our featured members page. Mainly for our members but, being on the internet the whole world can join in. This page has been created to give you an insight into the life of some of our members.

Gareth Beven (Published November 2023)

Franco Sacco (Published November 2022)

Roger Parsons (published November 2021)

Clunky Clarke (published September 2019)

Roger Ayling (published February 2018)

Derek Ford (published March 2017)

Alan Catterson (published October 2015)

Bill Bryder (published May 2014)

Cecil Wadey (published October 2012)

Graham Allen (published April 2012)

Ron Hyam (published April 2012)

Steve Hawkes (published April 2010)

Bert Stapley (published January 2009)

Harry Gosnell (published March 2008)

Ken and Geof Armstrong (published January 2008)

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